Save time, take control.

Quickly identify vehicles for repricing and make changes with one click.

Built into the backbone of Inventory Manager is the ability to easily change pricing on a selected set of new or used vehicles. Bulk Pricing alleviates difficulties currently encountered with changing the pricing on a set of vehicles all at once, searching across multi-dealer groups, and using multi-system platforms.

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Take complete control of your pricing.

Change pricing based on your strategy, so you can:

  • Filter for vehicles going to auction, and easily run a last-minute retail sale on all.
  • Search your vehicles that have not had a price update in pre-determined number of days and adjust accordingly.
  • Know which vehicles on your lot are priced over market.
  • See which vehicles have been on your lot the longest.

Easily manage your pricing at scale.

  • Make smart pricing decisions across your lot, or your group.
  • Easily update pricing across your lot based on what makes sense for you.
  • Eliminate the hassle of individually updating price.
  • Price new inventory to ensure you are competitive in the market.

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