Leverage the power of being a dealer group.

Create consistency and greater control in appraisals, operations, and the customer experience across your group.

Empower your group to increase profits by selling what you’re best at, not just selling more at breakeven or a loss. Discover a solution that complements your unique strategy. Successfully coordinate your appraisals, merchandising, and pricing within your dealer group. With Inventory+, you’ll increase efficiency and reduce inconsistencies.

Improve sell-time, reduce risk, make more profit. Your way.

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Streamline your appraisals.

  • Single Page Appraisal makes it easier for you to appraise vehicles, perform a value analysis, and get purchase recommendations from a single, configurable screen.
  • Increase profitability by winning more trades and closing more deals.
  • Gain consistency in appraisals, operations, and consumer experience across your dealer group.
  • Significantly reduce the number of vehicles that you wholesale while improving the availability of inventory to your stores.

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Updates at the click of a button.

  • Cut hours off your price update process as you make bulk changes by model, trim, age, or other parameters.
  • Appraise and merchandise cars before the customer even leaves the lot with mobile functionality.
  • Upload new inventory to dozens of advertising partners with just one click.

Comprehensive and customized reporting.

  • Quickly identify underperforming stores or appraisers.
  • Gain visibility into market level vehicle performance, surrounding market, and “sister” store’s buy list.
  • Optimize stocking by gaining insight to where a vehicle is most likely to maximize profitability.
  • Efficiently source and expedite buy bids from wholesale contacts if the car is not deemed viable at retail.

Trade based on your dealership’s strategies and needs.

  • Know which cars are the most profitable at each rooftop, to optimize profit margin.
  • Automatically update buy lists as new vehicles are posted, alerting you to inventory that performs as a “profit-maker” for you.
  • Develop your own preferred trading networks. Be confident when trading your vehicles, with the support of third-party facilitation and arbitration.
  • Offer your vehicles through one auction or all major, national auction networks, with easy single-click access.
  • Sold vehicles are automatically removed across all platforms, reducing potential fines and penalties.

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After implementing Inventory+, one major US auto retail group was able to:

  • Increase front-end gross profit by 20% with in-depth market and unique dealership analytics.
  • Make faster and smarter appraisal decisions - complete 40-50% more appraisals.
  • Easily manage inventory and appraisals across multiple rooftops to increase trade-in win rate by 25%+.

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