Perfect your appraisal process.

Win more trades. Make more deals.

Make smart appraisal decisions with our award-winning appraisal tool to make valuating a vehicle simple, quick, and easy from mobile or desktop. We perfect the appraisal process by offering real-time, synchronized mobile-to-desktop hand-off, market data, past performance history, and more. Workflows are streamlined, allowing you to merchandise the trade-in before the customer has even left the lot.

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Appraise based on your performance.

  • Understand how your dealership performs with like vehicles.
  • Receive a vehicle score to determine how a model would perform at your store.
  • Source cars that will increase profit for your dealership.
  • Stock based on dealership performance, not just market performance.

Move more metal.

  • Gain deep market analytics into how a vehicle is performing locally and nationally.
  • Determine if you are competitive in the price market.
  • Insight into retail or wholesale benefits.
  • View competitive landscape with in-depth market/internet pricing insight.

Increase appraisal efficiency.

  • Increase ease to appraise vehicles, perform a value analysis, and get purchase recommendations.
  • Appraise vehicles all from one single, configurable screen.
  • Configure your analytics to your pricing and decision process.
  • Decrease time to market with a quick and easy appraisal to merchandising process.

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