Launch to all major online auction sites in seconds.

Add fast, efficient channels for aged inventory and eliminate the risk of double selling.

Inventory+ Multiplatform Listings allows you to launch wholesale vehicles on major online auctions at the same time from one platform. And, when a vehicle is sold the tool works seamlessly to remove the car from all auction platforms, reducing the risk of incurring associated fines and penalties from double selling.


Single click auction exposure.

  • Increase the exposure of your inventory by listing to multiple wholesale venues.
  • With a single click, you can launch inventory to a variety of auctions.

Automatic re-listings and removal.

  • Re-list automatically with parameters that you set in advance and remove inventory automatically across multiple auction platforms.
  • Eliminate the potential of double selling as vehicles are automatically removed from the auction sites when the vehicle is sold on any platform.

Integrated pricing tools.

  • Access integrated wholesale book and transactional values to assist you in pricing the vehicle to market and maximize profitability.
  • Detailed reporting capabilities help keep you on-top of your trades.

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