Take advantage of inventory throughout your group.

Increase profit and drive velocity with a centralized process.

Give your group the ability to exceed profitability and volume goals by reducing wholesale risk and looking at each vehicle on a group level. Move vehicles to lots where they will sell the fastest. In addition, take the emotion, appraisal inconsistencies and personal bias out of the appraisal valuation process by pushing your appraisals to one central location within your dealer group. Increase profitably, win more trades, and close more deals.

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Harness the horsepower of your group.

  • Optimize stocking by providing insight to where a vehicle is most likely to sell profitably at retail.
  • Increase consistency in appraisals, operations, and consumer experience across your group.
  • Decrease the number of vehicles you wholesale while improving the availability of inventory to your stores.
  • Drive efficiency by centralizing the buying process with the flexibility to automatically or manually request a Central Appraiser’s input.

Appraisal Workflow for a Group

Comprehensive reporting so you can increase wins.

  • Quickly source and expedite buy bids from wholesale contacts if vehicle is not deemed viable at retail.
  • Gain visibility into the trading store, market level vehicle performance, surrounding market, and if on a sister store’s buy list.
  • Real-time TrueScore analytics, show which store needs a specific vehicle the most.

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