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Are you getting the most exposure for your inventory and generating as many quality leads as possible?

Listing on ebay Motors with the help of a trusted partner could be the answer for your dealership.

Many dealers are missing out on the opportunity to get more sales by not listing on ebay® Motors. Potential customers are taking advantage of ebay to find great deals by viewing or actively bidding on the vehicle of their choice.

With an experienced partner like Inventory+ and our dedicated ebay consultants, your dealership can get in front of these buyers better than ever before.

For those dealers who have not tried ebay’s program, they the numbers to prove their effectiveness:

ebay Motors is the number one automotive destination online*
A passenger vehicle is sold every two minutes**
Over 5 million vehicles have sold to date**
ebay has 128 million active users and can expand your exposure

ebay Motors and Inventory+ have helped dealers like Colin Bailey and Chris Slaydon of Vernon Auto Group grow from a small, local dealer to a successful, profitable dealer with an increasing national presence.

Vernon Auto Group—A Texas-Sized ebay Success Story

Vernon Auto Group originally started as a local dealer of used diesel trucks and in five short years has grown and expanded their exposure and reach nationally. With the help of our inventory management tools and ebay Motors, the Texas-based group is now shipping hundreds of new and used vehicles across the country.

“For us, ebay is an exposure tool. We know, without a shadow of doubt, that the more exposure we get on ebay, the more general exposure—and more lead activity—we get from a broader Internet marketplace,” said Colin Bailey, owner and president, Vernon Auto Group, in a recent post on the ebay for Business Blog. “When we list on ebay, it’s only a matter of time before we see those listings showing up in Google search results— often near the top of the page. And I can’t tell you how much that’s worth.”

Using a robust inventory management system, such as Inventory+, makes the listing process quick and easy, regardless of your knowledge level. Once your defaults are set up, sending to and listing on ebay Motors is just a couple of clicks away.

And, with a trusted team of ebay consultants, who are available complimentary as part of the Inventory+ solution, there should be no misgivings about trying it out. Working with an experienced ebay consultant can help you to:

Optimize and set up how your listings will display on ebay to produce successful leads.

Skillfully manage your ebay marketing with custom banners, SEO-optimized listings, template designs and more.

Use ebay Local Market as an effective inventory marketing tool to drive retail traffic to your dealership.

Chris Slaydon, Director of eBusiness for Vernon Auto Group, stated on the ebay blog, “ebay is the place shoppers go at some point in their journey to explore the market, especially when it comes to vehicle purchase. So just listing on ebay gives us outstanding visibility in the general search space. Our advice to other dealers is: don’t get wrapped up in the mindset of ‘ebay is only worthwhile for direct ROI.’ No way. Connect the dots to get the bigger picture, and you’ll see how valuable listing on ebay is to your overall Internet sales, because of the exposure you get on search engines like Google.”

Please share with us how your dealership is using your inventory management tools to capture hot leads and expand your market presence, just like Vernon Auto Group has done through Inventory+ and ebay Motors.

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