More power. More profit.

Your dealership is unique; your inventory management software should reflect that.

Inventory+ is part of an award-winning suite of web-based tools that help dealers improve workflows, save time, and maximize profits.


Appraise a vehicle based on real-time wholesale and retail market values, with in-depth insights into your historical data and true market transactions to maximize profit.

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Inventory Manager

Understand how vehicles perform at your dealership, not just in the market. Adopt a solution that fits your unique needs.

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Group Management

Easily manage inventory across your group, gain consistency in appraisals, operations, and customer experiences.

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Bulk Pricing

Easily make informed, pricing updates in bulk across your inventory, whether one or hundreds of rooftops.

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Merchandising & Syndication

Enrich your vehicle advertising with robust SEO friendly descriptions, powerful photography, and the most comprehensive distribution to leading websites.

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Reporting & Analytics

Gain insights into how vehicles perform at your dealership or across the group with customizable reporting and analytics.

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Our inventory tools are designed to provide dealerships with the opportunity to maximize the profit of every vehicle on their lot.

Successful dealers have an innate sense of what vehicles are best suited for their lots, but they also need a tool to augment and quantify their gut-feel with a data-driven approach to their inventory management.

Our core philosophy for Inventory+ is based on helping dealers maximize profitability on every vehicle and recommending the right vehicles for the right stores by analyzing both transaction history and market information.

“Fletcher Jones’ relationship with DealerSocket can be characterized as a trusted partner. In a competitive market choosing vendors that can align with you as partners is critical to one's success. Inventory+ / DealerSocket has been a longstanding partner that provides us with support as a trusted advisor.”

Heather Lewis

Business Development Director, Fletcher Jones

Inventory+ in a nutshell.

Download our overview PDF to learn more about how Inventory+ can get your vehicles to stand out, make mobile merchandising easy, help you manage listings across multiple platforms, and more!

Mobile is King

From acquisition to disposition - appraise, price, merchandise, and syndicate a vehicle anywhere, anytime with the industry’s most powerful mobile tool for inventory management. Have the full control of your inventory right from the palm of your hand.

Enjoy faster time to market with the ability to merchandise and syndicate a vehicle during the appraisal process. Scan a vehicle barcode or QR code to instantly capture the VIN, load images instantly, and syndicate your vehicle to your website and third-party advertisers. Stocking a vehicle couldn’t be easier.

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DealerSocket in the News

We are consistently working to upgrade and enhance Inventory+ to meet the needs of dealers across the nation. Learn more about our most recent changes to Inventory+ and how we help dealers increase front-end gross profit in a margin compression time.
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Let us show you how Inventory+ can give you the horsepower to transform your dealership or dealer group today.

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