Improve your listing performance with Inventory+ and ebay®.

Inventory+ is a preferred provider of ebay, offering best-in-class listing management to many of the nation’s leading ebay PowerSellers. Coupled with our professional ebay specialist team, we help you take your listing performance to the next level.

We are the largest facilitator of vehicles to ebay, listing on average 4,200 cars a week, double that of our closest competitor.


  • We offer a dedicated full-time team of ebay® performance consultants to help optimize and set up your default settings, skillfully manage your ebay marketing with custom online banners, SEO-optimized listings, page designs and more.
  • Ability to set your defaults under ebay Options, or change these settings on a per-listing basis. Customize each listing type, length and date, or set the defaults and post with just a few clicks.
  • Prices will be pulled from the inventory screen, but you have the ability to change them on the listing box. Choose whether to sync this price back to the inventory screen or have this be an ebay price only.


  • Drive qualified local buyers to your dealership.
  • List your entire lot, specifically late-model vehicles, for one low price.
  • Choose between 3-, 5-, 7-, 10-, or 21-day auctions, according to ebay® options.
  • Set your auction to automatically lower the reserve throughout the duration of your auction to increase interaction with bidders.

"Connect the dots to get the bigger picture, and you'll see how valuable listing on ebay is to your overall Internet sales because of the exposure you get on search engines like Google."

− Chris Slaydon, Vernon Auto Group

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