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DealerSocket® is a leading automotive technology platform that helps dealerships in the United States, Canada and Australia improve profitability through a fully integrated suite of marketing, sales, service, customer experience DMS and data mining solutions. Headquartered in San Clemente, Calif., DealerSocket employs more than 850 people and serves more than 7,500 dealerships in the United States, Canada and Australia. DealerSocket’s advanced technology provides benchmarking data that paces the industry, and its insightful experts identify trends and develop strategic roadmaps that help dealers optimize processes and operate more profitably. Visit DealerSocket.com for more information.

One of the fastest-growing solution sets in the automotive retail industry, with a focused array of award winning products.

Our product philosophy embraces inventory management as the cornerstone of effective vehicle merchandising. Inventory+ products provide dealers with the tools necessary to accurately categorize, enrich, and display vehicle inventory to their prospective consumers faster and more efficiently than their existing processes. The rationale in adopting a fully integrated inventory management, website, and digital marketing platform is to ensure that rich inventory data does not get lost, but instead is presented across all marketing mediums in a complete and uniform fashion, with updates occurring in real-time.

We challenge all of our dealer clients to come out of their comfort-zone and take control over their online vehicle merchandising in an effort to help them compete in a rapidly evolving digital market. In turn, our clients value Inventory+’s ability to deliver a fully integrated solution that is controlled and driven by the products themselves.

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